Mike Francesa on Chris Christie replacing him on WFAN: 'He's capable' – New York News

Leave it to Mike Francesa to make headlines while on vacation.

The longtime WFAN host called into The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday to discuss everything from the upcoming “Mike and the Mad Dog” 30 for 30 ESPN documentary to Aaron Judge’s Home Run Derby performance.

Eisen also asked Francesa what he thought of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie filling in for him on Monday’s show with Evan Roberts.

“He got enough attention, that’s for sure,” Francesa told Eisen. “And there’s not going to be a shortage of that. He’s an easy target.

“But the one thing about him . . . he is a fan. He is a legitimate sports guy. I don’t know that he has the depth of knowledge he would need to do that every day. That would have to be a learned thing, but he’s clearly bright enough if he wants to do it. I think if he really wanted to do it, he could do it. He’s got a toughness to him. He doesn’t back down. You’re not going to make this guy shrink by yelling at him or starting a fight with him — he’s up for a fight. And that’s kind of his nature.

“So I think he could do it. It would take some transitioning for him to do it. He’d probably have to do it with a radio guy. But I think he’s capable of…

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