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We always celebrate our children’s birthday and remember the memories of them growing up.

Well, on July 13, Carolyn and Keith Maupin will not be able to celebrate their son’s birthday with him, Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin.

Matt was the first POW in the Iraq War on April 9, 2004. His remains were found on March 21, 2008. His hometown is Batavia, Ohio.

Matt joined the Army during the Iraq War. July 13 will be his 34th birthday. Matt has a brother, Mika, who was in the Marines. They miss him very much and the holidays are never the same anymore.

So I ask you people to always remember our current troops and their families. Because of them, you can enjoy your sons and daughters. They take care of all of us in America.

But always remember freedom is not free. I use Matt Maupin’s capture date every year, April 9, for New York State Yellow Ribbon Day to remember current troops with a free program at the Halfmoon Town Hall.

This is all to do with current troops. I am working hard to get this on every calendar and every state.

April 9. Yellow Ribbon Day. Remember current troops.

The current troops need a day of their own. I ask you to keep them in your prayers and their families and American. The Maupin website is

Carol Pingelski-Hotaling

Clifton Park

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