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AMSTERDAM — The city recently secured an $8,900 grant to study the dilapidated Mohasco Power House with an eye toward preservation and incorporation into the North Chuctanunda Creek trail. 

The grant is part of the Preservation League of New York State’s Donald Stephen Gratz Preservation Services Fund, which supports regional preservation projects throughout the state. The grant announcement will be made at the powerhouse, adjacent to Forest Avenue, at 10 a.m. Friday.

City and county officials, with help from two statewide historical organizations, have been working on formalizing the North Chuctanunda Creek Trail for the past year and a half. At present, the trail is little more than a walking path from Riverfront Park to Shuttleworth Park, with about a dozen points of interest along the way aimed at helping visitors explore the city’s industrial past. 

One of those points of interest is the Mohasco Power House, which was built in 1903 and used water from the North Chuctanunda to provide steam power to at least three carpet mills that sprung up along the creek. The powerhouse is also of practical use, as the North Chuctanunda Creek Trail runs directly through the building, utilizing the structure’s bridge to cross the creek and access the northernmost part of the trail. 

Before the city can formalize the trail, however, it must ensure the structure is safe for pedestrian access. 

“Ideally in the future, it would be great to have the tour go through the building and see what it looks like,” said Danielle Whelly, assistant director of recreation for the city of Amsterdam. “For the…

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