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Milkshakes have gone wild on Long Island, crowned with cotton candy, doughnuts, lollipops, mini cupcakes — or all of the above. Glasses might be banded with sprinkles or dusted with graham cracker crumbs. It all makes for a picture-perfect shake primed more for social media feeds than eating. Almost.

Candy Crush at Brixx & Barley

(Credit: Nicole Horton)

Candy Crush at Brixx & Barley (152 W. Park Ave., Long Beach): Brixx & Barley’s extra-tall shake is a sugar rush of birthday cake ice cream trimmed with rainbow sprinkles, mini cupcakes, cotton candy and a huge lollipop. It comes in glass covered with mini M+Ms. More info: 516-544-4511,

The Queen at Manny’s Sweet Treats

(Credit: Yvonne Albinowski)

The Queen at Manny’s Sweet Treats (156 Jericho Tpke., Mineola): Manny’s Sweet Treats’ concoction is a showstopper, arriving with pastel tufts of cotton candy, a lollipop and rock candy stick. More info: 516-299-8099,

The Campfire at Burgerology

The Campfire, vanilla ice cream, graham cracker, chocolate

(Credit: Marisol Diaz)

The Campfire at Burgerology (226 Merrick Rd., Rockville Centre): A frozen s’more in a glass, Burgerology’s take on the summer classic involves vanilla ice cream in a graham cracker-coated glass, topped with toasted marshmallows. More info: 516-600-9720,



The Italian Stallion at New York Burger Bar

The Italian Stallion, $15, is New York Burger

(Credit: Richard…

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