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There’s no doubt Schenectady has long needed a new train station to replace that embarrassing rusty tin can that travelers endured for the past 40 years.

We’ve got new development, a new casino, a vibrant downtown and many other reasons for people to visit the city by train. 

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Having a nice, clean, modern train station will give visitors a positive first impression of our city and encourage more people to use the station, helping draw more visitors and more business here — boosting the local economy for many years to come.

The old train station was like going to a job interview in cut-offs and a dirty t-shirt. It sends the message, “I don’t give a damn, so why should you?” A replacement was needed and long overdue.

Since the entire $23 million project will be paid for with a combination of state and federal funds, not local money, it’s almost like we’re getting it for free. And why not?

Our tax dollars pay for other communities’ big projects. We helped pay for the new $43 million train station in Niagara Falls that opened last year and the new $29.5 million station in Rochester that’s opening this summer. Let them throw in a few bucks for ours. 

And that’s just the problem we have with this whole concept. We have real needs in our state. Crumbling roads, century-old water pipes, dangerous bridges. Yet our government sees nothing wrong with spending outrageous sums of money in places where it could easily get away with spending much less.

Couldn’t Schenectady have gotten a nice new train station for the original…

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