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With summer now in full swing, health officials have some advice for people on what to do to protect themselves from mosquitoes and disease-borne illnesses these parasitic flies could carry. 

Thomas Kump, Director of Environmental Health Services and Supervising Public Health Engineer with the Chemung County Health Department, said his office receives numerous calls every year around this time regarding mosquitos. 

However, he said there isn’t much officials can do about them. It’s mostly up to residents to fight off the bugs using common methods. For people who are prone to mosquito bites, this means utilizing every method possible to ward them off.

“We have gotten many calls about them,” Kump said. “… Our message every year is ‘fight the bite.'”

“Do everything you can do to protect yourself from mosquitoes that are present, as far as using insect repellant (and) inspecting your property,” he said.

Kump said this part of the year is breeding time for mosquitoes, due to the summer’s warm and moist climate. The reason female mosquitoes bite and males don’t is that they require blood to produce their eggs and offspring. 

A great breeding and feeding ground, Kump said, is miscellaneous volumes of water lying around.

“One of the biggest culprits for mosquitoes is water,” he said. “(You could keep some of them away from your property) by going around and making sure you don’t have any stagnant water sitting around, like containers in the yard or gutters that are plugged.”

This is because the bugs like to find sticky and…

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