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RENSSELAER — Being captain of the Nina and the Pinta is more than just a way to make a living for Morgan Sanger.

“It’s a full-time job — you’re also on the job — and it also is my passion,” said Sanger, who sailed the two Columbus replica ships into the Albany Yacht Club in Rensselaer on Wednesday. “I love it, but it’s obviously not a 9-to-5 job.”

The ships spent four days in Newburgh before sailing up the Hudson to Rensselaer. They will be open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday before heading west on the New York State Barge Canal. Their next stop will be Oswego on July 21-23. After heading through the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River, the vessels will sail into the Gulf of Mexico in December and back to Mobile, Alabama, where they started their journey in March.

Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain with three ships — the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria — on Aug. 3, 1492, and on Oct. 12 of that year land in the Americas was sighted. Sanger, a New York City native and an engineer by trade, began building the Nina in 1988 in Brazil and finished it in 1991. The Pinta was completed in 2005. While they both have backup diesel engines, they were constructed the way they would have been in the 15th century.

The Santa Maria was a bigger vessel that held mostly cargo, and Sanger said he isn’t about to take on the task of replicating that ship.

“The Nina is an exact replica, and the Pinta was built a bit bigger than the original, so we could fit more people on it,” said Sanger, who is accompanied on the journey by his son Stephen and a crew of around a dozen.

“The Santa Maria was…

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