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NEW YOK — A pair of police sharpshooters stood atop a day care center in the Bronx on Tuesday morning and peered over the terra cotta and marble facade of a converted movie theater next door. The facade’s mechanical clock was stuck at a couple of minutes after 2. On the ledge, a pigeon cleaned its feathers.

Below, the Grand Concourse, normally pulsing with activity, was deserted and silent, except for the rattle of shop grates being pulled open and police trucks idling. It was saving itself for a police officer’s funeral.

Soon the concourse filled for 10 blocks with officers in their finest dress blues — Class A’s.

They had turned out for the funeral of Officer Miosotis Familia, killed for doing little more than what her colleagues did Tuesday morning: put on a New York Police Department uniform. Not an hour into her overnight shift on July 5, she was filling out paperwork in the front seat of a police truck when a man fired once through the passenger-side window. She was shot in the head and killed.

The gunman, Alexander Bonds, had been the subject of three 911 calls earlier that night by his girlfriend, who reported that he was acting manic and paranoid. He had a history of hospitalizations for mental illness and had expressed anger at law enforcement officers in a video last year. The police killed him later that night.

The mourners hailed from dozens of city precincts and specialty units, the gold letters on their lapels spelling out their assignments. Joining them were representatives from at least 85 other police agencies: Aurora, Colorado, and Orlando, Florida., officers arrived first,…

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