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WASHINGTON COUNTY — Explore the studio spaces of local artists this weekend as part of the Open Studios Tour of Washington County.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday to Sunday, 20 artists in Greenwich, Cambridge, Valley Falls and Salem will offer people a glimpse into where they create their artwork. 

The tours began a decade ago as a way to connect the community with local artists and provide exposure to some of the local talent. It’s also an opportunity to inspire further creativity in the community. 

“The Open Studio really allows me to show the range of my work and the development of my work. … To me, being connected to the community and seeing that people are really interested and appreciate what I do, it hits me and it’s very important to me,” said Leslie Ferst, one artist along the tour. 

Many of the artists have gained local and national recognition for their work, most of which was done right in Washington County. 

One Cambridge artist, Leslie Parke, said when she opens her studio for the tour, people don’t just come to look, they often want to get to know her process and get to know her work. 

“They don’t just come in and walk around and leave. They will stay here for a long time and have conversations with you and they’ll return year after year or tour after tour and see how your work is developing,” Parke said.  

Various artists along the tour will also give demonstrations of their techniques. On Thursday,  Anne Sutherland will be demonstrating and discussing how to paint Alla Prima (Italian for “all at once”), Hannie Eisma Varosy will discuss how to find the right…

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