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If I were one of the leaders of the Republican Party, I would be very, very worried right about now. The most dangerous thing in politics is when one party finds that the non-voters in the opposing party are what we might call “energized.” Remember that a few percentage points in our elections can mean a real “blow out.” Right now in New York, Democratic voters who literally hate Donald Trump’s guts, who consider him to be a very dangerous man and who have properly fixated on his health care bill — now known as Trump Care — are lining up to oppose Republican congressional candidates. The danger for the Democrats is that there are so many would-be Congressmen, ranging from those barely out of knee pants to those who will soon need Geritol, they will beat each other’s brains out and become so divided that the Republican incumbent will emerge victorious. For those incumbents who have voted for Trump Care, there is real danger that this coming election in 2018 will be about that vote as well as their pro- Trump position.

All you have to do is look for the Republican incumbent on Facebook and see the mounting anger against these people. There’s no question that they are in real trouble. One Republican told me that his wife won’t go to the social media pages because the comments are so mean spirited. So now these same incumbents are looking for opportunities to stick it to Trump and the orange colored Republican’s attack on the press offers just such an opportunity. John Faso of New York’s 19th Congressional District let Trump have it with nothing…

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