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In 1987 when he was contemplating a run for president, Vice President George H.W. Bush was criticized for his inability to articulate an agenda for the country. A friend suggested he spend a weekend alone at Camp David to figure out where he would take the nation.

“Oh, the vision thing,” Bush replied disparagingly. Though he won the 1988 election, the quote would haunt him.

In Poland last week, President Trump declared his vision for America that in content and tone rivaled Ronald Reagan’s promise to defeat communism.

In a speech to thousands of enthusiastic listeners, who chanted his name and “USA,” Trump laid out in unambiguous tones his view that the West is engaged in a clash of civilizations with “radical Islamic terrorism” that seeks to destroy us and replace our values with theirs.


Playing off the history of Nazi and Soviet occupation of Poland (and the Holocaust), the president said, “We are confronted by another oppressive ideology – one that seeks to export terrorism and extremism all around the globe. … We’re going to get it to stop.”

It is a worthy goal, but how do you stop an ideology based on religious zeal and with no fixed address, as was the case with Berlin during WWII and Moscow during the Cold War? It doesn’t help in this latest war that so many European countries, especially Germany, have taken in hordes of “refugees” from nations that export terrorism and have failed to assimilate them, much less convert them to “Western values.”

The president spoke of another threat, which he labeled “the steady…

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