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The Daily Gazette has been improving this past year by leaving behind an overabundance of depressing messages from our friends on the left. We still see many more questionable “news” stories and opinions than is what I would consider “reporting the news.”

Another example is the July 7 editorial from the Washington Post.

Here we have more “alarmist” drivel about “global warming” and “climate change.” I know that this will result in a number of “so-called” experts who will spout their facts based on reports that they choose to believe. But the truth is that there are reports that counter most of those “facts.”

My concern is that this opinion refers to a lot of those reports to “confirm” their belief. First are two studies published in “Nature Climate Change.” Then we have “Experts with World Weather Attribution,” the journal “Science,” and The New York Times.

Note that all of these experts are from organizations that depend on “global warming” for their income. Without this supposed threat, they wouldn’t exist.

The truth is that “global warming” is alarmist poppycock. Climate change is real as it has always been real. Yes, there is always climate change. Yes, it’s good to understand it and try to react in ways that few people will be affected. Can some of it be a result of “human interference?” Possibly, but it appears to be minimal.

Change does occur. The sky is not falling. Please be more cautious in what you print.

Donald M. Knuth

Ballston Spa

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