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Max London’s Restaurant recently announced the addition of Brady Duhame, executive chef, to its team. Duhame will also serve as director of culinary operations for Saratoga Hospitality Group, LLC, representing Max London’s Restaurant, Mrs. London’s Bakery and Café, the Saratoga Stadium and Gaffney’s. Duhame comes from a varied culinary background and has more than 15 years of experience manning top kitchens in New York City, Europe and the local area. For the past three years, he worked at 15 Church as executive chef where he and his team earned several awards and accolades. Chef Duhame also previously worked at Angelo’s Prime Bar + Grill in Clifton Park and Nix’s Mate in Boston. Other kitchen credits include Bouley Bakery, Park Avenue Café and Picholine in Manhattan, where he created and managed his own menus and kitchens.

1 Why did you decide to take this new job with Max London’s/Saratoga Hospitality Group?

After meeting with owners Justin and Ryan and experiencing firsthand their passion and work ethic, their dedication to being the best and just how much they are looking to grow the company, I knew I had found my new family. We have a similar vision and that makes it easier to get going at the start of each day and then again at the close when we’re prepping for the next day.

2 What do you hope to bring to Max London’s? Have you/will you be changing the menu?


I’m looking to bring “Brady” to Max London’s, and that really is why I was hired. I have some special twists I do with my dishes, but here I’ll try and borrow…

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