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Did anyone else laugh reading the article in the July 12 Gazette stating the Republicans’ promise the health bill by Thursday (July 13)? Sen. Mitch McConnell accused the Democrats of obstructionism, when all the Republicans did for eight years was obstruct everything President Obama did or tried to do.

The article said that he (McConnell) would “not give up on his party’s seven-year old promise to gut President Obama’s signature domestic achievement.” That’s what makes anyone with some common sense see how funny his statement was.

Anything new needs to be tweaked when first initiated. At least we were on the right track to cover the uninsured. If the Republicans worked with the Democrats when the bill was presented, things may have been different.

There are a few Republicans that are on the fence for the bill. And with election time coming up, I wonder if they will fall off.

We need healthcare for all of us. How many demonstrations does it take before politicians listen to the people?

Vincent F. Carelli


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