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Almost three months ago, I found a slow leak in my galvanized water line going to my well. I called my plumber, two brothers, who said they would be right over.

They examined my water line and wire line and said everything had to be replaced; trusted professionals. They gave me a written proposal, $800, and said they would perform the work within two months and gave me a date. Not to worry.

I decided to get a second opinion just to see what’s out there. I contacted a plumbing company from Broadalbin that has been in business for 35 years. The vice president came over and took pictures and said they would be in touch. I got a written proposal in the mail for $7,750.

I informed the Better Business Bureau online and wrote a complaint. They immediately accepted it and asked me if I was willing to talk to the media.

Yes, Rep. Paul Tonko, we need new laws to protect elderly people from getting ripped off by these cut-throat companies who give written proposals to do any type of repairs for homeowners to sign — proposals most elderly and/or disabled people do not understand.

The companies must give written proposals in the presence of another family member or close friend(s) who understand what is going on.

Ken Minch

Tribes Hill

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