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Randi Marshall

Randi Marshall is a member of the Newsday and amNew York editorial board.

Here they were, Nassau and Suffolk lawmakers ready to save the day and bring the New York Islanders “home.”

Oh, wait.

First in letters released Monday and then in a news conference Friday, they had no plan, no promise of money for massive renovations on a just-renovated arena. All they had were hopes and dreams. The kind that rarely, if ever, come to pass.

Could the Islanders return for a game or two? Sure. Could the team come back even for a year, while a new home is built? Perhaps. But NYCB Live’s Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum won’t likely be the team’s permanent home.

The renovated Coliseum sits on an empty stretch of asphalt. There’s no mass transit. There are no other entertainment options, or revenue-generating activities, on the property.

Inside, the concourse size hasn’t changed, the number of seats has shrunk, and there are 11 renovated suites. The Prudential Center in Newark has 76 suites. Barclays in Brooklyn has about 100. All of that means less revenue at Nassau and a home that’s not…

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