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LONDON – An American doctor who specializes in conditions such as that affecting Charlie Gard will travel to Britain next week to assess the critically ill baby.

High Court Judge Nicholas Francis said Friday he is “open-minded about the evidence” to come after the visit of Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University.

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Hirano’s research focuses on mitochondrial diseases and genetic myopathies and he has treated others with conditions similar to that involving the 11-month-old.

Gard’s parents have been locked in a legal battle with Britain’s most famous children’s hospital over whether trying an experimental treatment is in Charlie’s best interest. The case attracted international attention after President Donald Trump and Pope Francis weighed in.

They have been fighting to take him to the United States for treatment. But after much legal wrangling, Hirano is now coming to them.

Hirano will assess Charlie, meet with his current immediate care team and other specialists, including a doctor from the Vatican children’s hospital. Charlie’s mother, Connie Yates, fought to attend and was given permission.

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