Everyone — not just Donald Trump — needs to tweet less and talk more – New York News

There is nothing I can write, say or do that will tame the flames of the growing social media wildfire.

But why not try.

Whether it’s politics or personal; true or fabricated; crude, criminal or straightforward communication, it has become far too common.

Got an idea? Tweet it. Having a special event? Facebook live, of course! Having a wild time? Snapchat away.

Our president, regardless of where you stand politically, tweets more than any in history.

They call it “the modern presidency.”

By using it as a platform for everything from responding to media criticism or personal slights to stating positions on foreign policy and commenting on interactions with foreign leaders, Mr. Trump has made it more than OK for tweeting — in his case — to be the norm for political discourse.

But the problem, in simple terms, is that — for the most part — it’s reactive rather than responsive, shallow and limited by a set number of characters.

And for that reason, it’s potentially…

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