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As the Saratoga horse season is upon us, I just want to remind people of the daily abuse these horses experience. In today’s society where people are so cognizant of animal abuse, I can’t for the life of me understand how whipping a horse, sometimes to death, is enjoyed and allowed.

I feel this is one of the worst ways to abuse an animal. Can you imagine being made to run like crazy, all the while being whipped with a switch? If this was your typical family animal, you’d be arrested for such a crime. So I ask how has this been legal and allowed for so long? If they want to substitute humans, that would be fine. At least they have the option to say “no,” whereas these beautiful poor horses don’t have that choice.

I realize New York state makes a lot of revenue from this horrible practice, but it should find a new way to do it, such as build a few more casinos. I hope someday soon they outlaw horse racing.

MaryBeth McLear

Rotterdam Junction

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