Our political reality is dreary, but it doesn't need to be this way – New York News

In GinaLand, everybody would be able to change a diaper, change a tire, change the dressing on a wound and change their minds when presented with a more convincing argument.

In GinaLand, people would not fear hearing from those who hold points of view at variance from their own but instead welcome vigorous and informed debates. Town Halls would replace sports events as the most highly prized competitions between well-matched rivals.

In GinaLand, all elected officials would have a real education, meaning they would understand world history, not only their own, and show mastery over several languages, including their own.

They would understand, too, that there is more than one version of history: they would have taken courses in classical rhetoric, in geopolitics, in economics, in philosophy (Eastern and Western) in comparative literatures, in the scientific method (and its application across the disciplines) and — naturally — they would’ve contextualized all of this within a deep understanding of the arts.

As educated citizens, they’d be able to do all of this as well as be able to pass the tests given to new citizens entering our nation. Of course, we should all be able to do this already, but have you tried? Those tests aren’t easy, especially given…

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