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On Sunday, we visited Tobay Beach with hundreds of other people. When we left, we forgot a cooler bag that contained my wallet, phone, my husband’s phone, all my credit cards, $100, my medical cards and my husband’s medical information.

After arriving back in Massapequa, we realized we left it there, and I frantically drove back, praying that I would find it or someone turned it in — even invoking St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

The parking lot was full, but after circling a few times, I found a spot.

I checked with people at the Tobay souvenir stand and found no one had turned in the cooler bag. Then I went to where we had sat, near a lifeguard stand, and the same people were still there.

It turned out that a man seated nearby had found the bag and asked a woman whether it belonged to her family. The woman, Despina Manitaras, and her sister-in-law, Antonella Ioannou, both of North Massapequa, said no, but they took up the task of finding me.

While I was on my way, they had found my husband’s contact information in the bag and called him. When I arrived, Despina’s family was so fantastic. They called my name and showed me the bag.

I cried and…

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