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CORNING | The state Department of Environmental Conservation has laid out its finalized plan for how to deal with soil contamination in the Houghton Plot area of the city.

The DEC issued two “decision documents,” one covering the residential area and the other the Corning-Painted Post High School, Memorial Stadium and Corning Christian Academy.

That doesn’t mean the process is necessarily nearing a conclusion, Corning Inc. spokesman Joe Dunning told The Leader in an email.

“This entire process may take three to five years to complete,” Dunning said. “But Corning will work as efficiently and effectively as possible to complete the required work with as little disruption to the neighborhood as possible.”

The decision documents don’t specify which areas will be subject to soil remediation. That determination will be made through further testing of properties where contamination has been found to clarify how far the contamination extends.

“Now that NYSDEC and NYSDOH have finalized the remedies for the residential properties, as well as the Corning Painted-Post High School, Corning Christian Academy, and Memorial Stadium properties, next-step activities involve development of a work plan, called a Pre-Design Investigation Work Plan (PDI) (which helps define the limits of areas to be excavated), under which work will start when DEC approves the plan,” Dunning said. “The investigation is necessary to gather additional information to finalize the specific remedy as it is to be implemented on each property.”

After that, he said, a plan would have to be…

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