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Anne Michaud

Anne Michaud is the interactive editor for Newsday Opinion.

Jennifer Neill returned from college orientation with her firstborn, astonished by the vanity, lack of common sense and immaturity — and it wasn’t the freshmen that made her cringe. It was their parents.

At home in suburban Pittsburgh, she shared her thoughts on Facebook in a group for parents of teens and young adults.

“I’m seriously worried about this generation’s ability to survive, let alone thrive with parents like some of these!” Neill posted above a photo of a dazed-looking Lucy Ricardo.

Other parents responded with horror stories about ridiculous questions put to college administrators at freshman orientation. Who keeps track of when they come home at night? Who makes sure they go to class? You’ll call us if they don’t, right?

One mom wanted to know whether the cafeteria staff would remind her son not to eat foods he’s allergic to.

“I was thinking, when can I get out of here?” Neill said in an interview. “The questions were killing me and not something we should be worrying about at this stage with our…

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