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BURNT HILLS – Whether Scotia-Glenville had just won a Section II football championship or wrapped up a sub-.500 season, Tony DiCocco would always gather his Tartans in the locker room afterward and impart the same message.

“There are going to be hurdles. Tough roads. Mountains,” said DiCocco, recalling some of the final words he spoke to 33 varsity teams. “I’d tell them, ‘We’ve gone through these things on the field, and use them when you move on. Translate it to life. In college, on the job, with your families.'”

DiCocco found out early in his coaching career that football and all it entails can be a powerful teaching tool, and he used it to great effect in a long run that’s led to the Capital Region Football Hall of Fame. The retired Burnt Hills resident and Linton High School graduate will fittingly be enshrined July 29 in the hall’s service to football category.

“There are right ways and wrong ways,” DiCocco, who guided the Scotia-Glenville varsity from 1973 through 2005, said. “We wanted to emphasize the right way to do it and instill values into their makeup. We pushed sportsmanship and loyalty,. working hard and goal setting, discipline and accountability.”

For the Tartans for so long, it was follow the leader.

“He always did things the right way and demanded the same from his teams,” David Murray, a sophomore quarterback on DiCocco’s first S-G team, said. “Coach was a classy person who expected his teams to play with class. He was a  man of integrity who always did what he said he was going to do. He never made excuses for losses and taught all of his players about accountability. He taught…

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