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Tuesday, July 17, 1917

The date of the first drawings for the military draft has been moved up to later this week. As draft-age men from Saratoga County await the drawing, some of them have as much chance of getting drafted as the others.

“Election officials of all times have been troubled with ‘repeaters,’” The Saratogian reports, “but no one ever suspected that there would be repeaters in the draft census.”

Men between the ages of 21 and 30 were required to register for the draft last month. If someone was unable to register in person, arrangements could be made to have his name registered. In the effort to make sure all eligible men were registered, some redundancy took place.

Bernadotte P. Lester of Saratoga Springs was unable to register in person on the appointed day, June 5, because he was hospitalized in Albany. Despite that handicap, the Saratoga Springs exemption board discovers this morning that Lester had been registered twice over for the draft.


As it turned out, the Albany hospital sent clerks around to help out-of-town patients like Lester register with their local boards, but C. C. Lester, Bernadotte’s father, didn’t know that. Fearful that his son would get in trouble if he couldn’t register in person on the correct day, the elder Lester went to the Saratoga County Clerk’s office and registered Bernadotte’s name by proxy.

Now that the local exemption board has discovered the error, Lester will be no more likely than anyone else to have his number drawn this week.


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