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Halfmoon, N.Y. >> A resident of a local apartment complex has asked the Town Board for help in removing graffiti that has been up for more than a month.

Evangeline Casper-Burt saw the black spray painted graffiti for the first time when she went outside her apartment in the Landings, 5 Plant Road, on the morning of June 4. Saratoga County Sheriff Deputies were on the scene and taking photos.

Crude words, artist tags, free-wheeling designs, and at least one racial epithet had been spray painted on a set of white garage doors, part of the garage itself, at least one commercial vehicle and in a few smaller places in the complex.

A former resident of New York City, Casper-Burt, who is African American and Jewish, thought she left all that behind when she and her husband moved upstate. She found the racial epithet disconcerting and admits its presence bothered her but not to the extent that she demanded it be removed that very day.


Now, a month later, much of the graffiti remains up, though the “N” word has been painted over. The slowness of the graffiti removal process has taken its toll on her and her husband’s spirit.

She has spoken about the incident at two town board meetings, the most recent on July 6.

“It’s been a whole month,” Casper-Burt said. “I hate to say it but in this upscale community it’s beginning to look like a project. I want to start a Neighborhood Watch program. I need some help.”

Supervisor Kevin Tollisen was aware of the graffiti.

“This is not normal behavior,” he said. “It’s not…

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