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You might not know this by the understated way they tend to go about things, but Canadians are having a big party this year.

It is a celebration New Yorkers should join since at the moment we seem to have so much more in common with those to our immediate north than with our own national government.

Now before anyone gets his knickers in a twist, this is not a suggestion that the Empire State secede from the U.S. and seek to become Canada’s 11th province.

However, at a time when Washington seems so distant, foreign and even hostile to most New Yorkers, making common cause with like-minded people wherever they are seems an apt way to underscore that point while defensing against emerging federal policies inimical to our best interests.

O Canada!

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. Unlike the U.S. born in defiant revolution, Canada was formed in quiet consensus: a simple act of Parliament.  

Theirs too is a vibrant society, the distinctiveness of which habitually goes unnoticed by Americans. Quietly, Canadians in all walks of life — from academia to science, medicine, the arts and entertainment–make major contributions to important aspects of American life. 

With a political, economic and social behemoth as a neighbor, it has always been a monumental challenge for Canada to maintain its own identity while avoiding being smothered by the sheer size and weight of the culture to its south. 

It was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the father of the current Canadian leader Justin Trudeau, who as prime minister in the 1970s observed, “Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an…

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