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I recently attended a Little League Baseball game in Nassau County. Or at least what I thought was just a Little League game. It turned out to be a tutorial on how not to parent a Little Leaguer.

I’d gone to watch a family friend play ball. School was winding down, and it made sense that stress levels would be low, especially on the ball field. These kids were supposed to be having fun.

But why did they look so angry? Why were the parents so tense? These were 11- and 12-year-old children, not pros. But it didn’t seem as if the adults were aware of that.

Some of the kids looked miserable. Both coaches were riding their players. With every pitch, every catch and every swing of the bat came sounds of, “No, not like that!” or “Better keep that up, son!” After a while, it seemed to take a toll on the kids.

In the fifth inning, after a player missed a play on the infield, a man told the boy to, “Pay attention to the action!” and “Get your head in the game!” The player responded, “Dad, it’s just a game, and I’m exhausted!”

I thought to myself how embarrassing that must have been for both of them.

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