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Montgomery County, like Schenectady County, is being terrorized from noise and air pollution caused by illegal fireworks use. The city of Amsterdam is aiding people in this terrorism by giving out permits for a dozen city-sanctioned fireworks displays a year, a number of them run directly by the city of Amsterdam.

This has the effect of fomenting lawlessness and impunity for illegal firework use, which so many have witnessed first-hand.

Schenectady County correctly reversed its wrong decision and stopped the sale of “sparkling devices” that allows firework use to proliferate. Montgomery County must now do the correct thing to protect the health and sanity of its citizens by stopping the sale of all fireworks. The destruction of peace and tranquility caused by fireworks use far outweighs any sales tax collected by any county in New York state.

Our individual rights stop where they affect others’ rights, and an onslaught of exploding bombs throughout our cities and towns is without a doubt a hazard to our collective and individual rights to live in peace.

These bombs cause severe noise, air and physical pollution that ruins at least two solid weeks of the best days of the little good weather we have in New York.

As per the fallacious excuse of tradition being used to justify fireworks why then do local and state government not legalize all drug use?

That, too, is a long-standing tradition, a tradition that only directly harms an individual, not the surrounding community. We obviously have a damaging culture problem that needs to be addressed.

No matter where you live in the state, there are…

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