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The answer to our national health insurance problem might be right in front of our noses.

Since the end of World War II, most working people got health insurance from their union or employer.

As part of a group, they were able to negotiate better insurance deals than individuals could. Most are happy with that arrangement.

If uninsured individuals were to unite in the counties in which they live, they too would have the same or greater leverage to negotiate with health insurance companies as employed people do.

The county executive, elected by the people in the county, would be in charge of negotiations, but the people would set the parameters.

As an example, if some people do not want to pay for certain procedures, and if a majority votes not to insure for those procedures, then they would not be negotiated.

As in the car insurance business, all would be required to participate if they did not have credible insurance elsewhere, and all insurance companies would be allowed to compete for the insurance business.

State and federal governments may have to intervene fiscally in some counties that cannot afford the insurance, but they do that in some form now anyway.

This is “all top of the head stuff” and I am sure people will find flaws.But it localizes the problem where people at the local level can make decisions that best meet their needs.

Joseph Hehir


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