Aging veterans don't want to leave West Hempstead group home – New York News

Former Marine Corps sergeant James Brooks, who along with eight other veterans shared a house, spoke on June 16, 2017, about the high cost of living on Long Island. The veterans had been living at a house operated by the Family and Children’s Association, a nonprofit, which has given them notice to vacate, saying the house was only intended as temporary housing for veterans in need. (Credit: Newsday)

For years, the eight men had shared a house and a common bond: military veterans with broken bodies and little money, trying to make it on high-cost Long Island.

They cooked for each other and looked out for each other. The younger guys — the men currently in the house range from their late 50s to their 80s — helped the older ones get around. And they have been comforted by a shared understanding…

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