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Two democrats running to challenge Rep. Tom Reed for Congress next year issued responses to the town halls he hosted Saturday.

“Where I disagree with him wholeheartedly, a lot is on healthcare,” said congressional candidate Eddie Sundquist at Reed’s town hall in Lindley. “I do believe we need to start to look at a Medicare-for-all system. We need to start to find a way where we can support everyone.”

Sundquist was also critical of the GOP-led healthcare bill.

“What he has now for the current healthcare bill is really just a tax bill, and that’s not something we can risk our lives on,” he said.

The discussion at Reed’s town hall in Lindley also touched on the Russia controversy and its alleged election interference. Congress is currently measuring sanctions against Russia due to the allegations of tinkering.

Sundquist said he believes Reed is not condemning the issue to the full extent.

“This is the first time I’ve heard Mr. Reed say that’s he’s going to support (Russian sanctions),” he said. “He’s also saying ‘yes, there may be some issues with Russia.’ But he’s not going so far to admit the meddling that’s happened in the Trump campaign.”

Congressional candidate Rick Gallant also attended Reed’s Lindley town hall Saturday.

“Although Rep. Reed is doing his job by holding towns halls around this district, his voting record in Congress shows that he doesn’t listen to the concerns of the people he was elected to represent and that these town halls are little more than political theater,” Gallant said in a…

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