More villages in North Hempstead raise legal age to buy tobacco – New York News

A growing number of villages within the Town of North Hempstead are trying to extinguish youth smoking by enacting legislation raising the tobacco sale age from 19 to 21.

Three of the town’s villages have recently passed anti-smoking legislation, after the town’s actions last November, and another is considering a measure. Officials in the three villages said they are following the town’s lead to do their part to improve public health, limit early exposure to smoking and cut youth smoking rates.

The local laws, adopted in Baxter Estates, Great Neck Plaza and Williston Park, echo the Town of North Hempstead’s legislation and set specific signage requirements for businesses in addition to establishing firm penalties for violations.

The town’s legislation went into effect in March and prohibits the sale of tobacco products, liquid nicotine and e-cigarettes.

Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said that the trend of village legislation is “such encouraging news” and that she hopes all of the town’s 31 incorporated villages adopt the law “to make it consistent throughout the town.”

“The more the Town of North Hempstead and its surrounding villages can put forth a united front when it comes to the…

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