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A 15-year old’s perspective on bullying : Bullying is a recurring topic in today’s society. From a teenager’s perspective, most adults misunderstand bullying. I believe the term is overused.

I am aware of what is happening to some of my peers, but I conjecture that our youth vocalizing their problems is overanalyzed; problems that are miniscule are blown out of proportion.

An aspect of life is conflict. Throughout high school, we are faced with conflicts that we need to overcome to gain strength.

External conflicts that teenagers face with peers are too often categorized as bullying. Oftentimes a child facing a problem with another is misconceived as bullying.

Your generation was taught to face conflicts on your own. Today, a teenager goes to an adult with a problem with another peer, and rather than assisting that child with coping skills, the other child is given consequences. Both of these children now lack the skills to face conflict with others. Problem-solving is an extremely essential skill to have, and merely telling a kid they’re being bullied is an insufficient solution.

Excessive use of bullying as an excuse was not the reality for your population. The negative solutions that our society has provided need to be extinguished. Although my opinion is strong, I’m aware of the serious cases of bullying. The Oxford Dictionary defines a bully as “a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” In your case, that strength was found in muscles, not words. Bullying can cause teenagers immense amounts of pain in their daily lives.


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