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Re July 8 article, “So far, no gay pride of the Yankees seen”: Kudos to the New York Yankees for not succumbing to expectations from our society of political correctness.

The New York Times criticized the Yankees for being one of only four Major League Baseball teams that has not yet hosted a pride night to show inclusiveness.

Yet, the article noted that the team has shown support of the LGBT community behind the scenes and cited specific examples. A team spokesman also stated that everybody, regardless of personal identity, is welcome at Yankee Stadium every day, and that they have long believed in diversity and inclusion.

What more is needed? Avid fans in pinstripes don’t pay the steep price for tickets to observe rainbow flags or watch gay couples kissing.

The Times showed their own ignorance by implying that the lack of overt action by the Yankees suggests a lack of support for gay fans. Even Billy Bean, a gay MLB executive who promotes inclusion, said he doesn’t want the team to feel pressured and that a pride night is not a sole indicator of a team’s stance on the matter.

It has become an expectation within American society to jump on the bandwagon with every trending opportunity to “show support” for a particular cause, whether on social media or in the ballpark.

I’m proud of my team for recognizing that their fans, gay or straight, black or white, are there to watch baseball.

David Nosek


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