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It’s certainly a good thing that the Lake George Park Commission on Tuesday voted to end the crazed, drunken boat party on Lake George known as Log Bay Day.

For many years, the event was a disaster waiting to happen. And last year, one did.

That’s when one of the participants, Alex West, left the party and later crashed his speed boat into another boat, killing 8-year-old Charlotte McCue.

So good riddance to Log Bay Day.

But shutting down one party won’t stop another tragedy from happening on another lake at another time.

So far, despite the publicity the West trial received this spring and despite the heartbreaking images of the adorable victim plastered all over the media, people clearly still aren’t getting the message about the dangers of boating while intoxicated (BWI).

Just days after the trial ended, Warren County sheriff’s officers arrested two New Jersey men for BWI on Lake George and confiscated three cases of beer and a bottle of tequila from a boatload of teenagers.

On July 3, a Glens Falls man was charged with BWI after being caught driving around Saratoga Lake at night with his boat’s lights off. On Saturday, a Saratoga Springs man was charged with BWI on Saratoga Lake after he was stopped for “reckless” boating. And earlier this week, a 59-year-old Rensselaer man was charged with drunk boating after crashing on the Hudson River in Glenmont.

These are just the arrests. We don’t know how many more people have been boating drunk, putting themselves and others at risk. 

Police attention to the problem will certainly help. The law enforcement community has recognized the…

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