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WASHINGTON — If you thought that President Trump was testing the waters, probing for a backlash, as he contemplated firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and, further, that it might be a really good idea for Republicans to signal strongly that this action (presumably a steppingstone to firing special counsel Robert Mueller) would spell the beginning of the end of his presidency, you’d have been distressed by the GOP reaction.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., in what is now his familiar cowardly crouch, declared, “The president gets to decide what his personnel is.”

In case that wasn’t sufficiently obsequious, he added: “It’s up to the president to decide what his personnel decision is and any possible fallout that comes from that.” Sessions could hardly have gotten a worse signal, nor Trump a more encouraging one.

(Incidentally, the president does not get to decide his Cabinet personnel all by himself. The Senate votes to confirm.)

Ryan seems not in the least concerned about the president’s apparent aim to halt Mueller’s investigation.

Frankly, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., did not do much better, if at all. In a written statement (he actually had time to think this through!), he said: “Jeff Sessions is a good man and a fine Attorney General. Jeff is working to keep our streets safe, secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws, and protect our nation. The American people are fortunate to have him as the Attorney General.” 

Not a peep about firing him. No reminder about the apolitical nature of the Justice Department. No argument against Trump’s ridiculous notion that by…

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