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MOREAU, N.Y. >> Highway departments are saving money and paving more road miles with environmentally-friendly machinery that recycles existing material.

The Albany-based Gorman Group’s equipment nicknamed the “Train” did a nearly mile-long stretch of Reservoir Road in Moreau on Wednesday, with plans to tackle Harrison Avenue on Thursday.

The firm has also recently done projects for Saratoga County and the towns of Greenfield and Ballston.

“This is one of the greenest processes there is,” said Dane Mellon, The Gorman Group spokesman. “It’s very cost-effective. It allows municipalities to treat more lane miles with the same amount of money.”


The technology and process, called cold in-place recycling, has been around since the 1970s. However, The Gorman Group was the first company to use it in the Capital Region, and its practice is still fairly new in some parts of the area.

A large lead vehicle called a miller-planer digs up two to four inches of existing pavement. Material goes up a conveyor and onto a screen deck where large pieces are sorted out. The rest is fed into a second vehicle following close behind, called a mix-paver.

Ground up, recycled pavement is mixed with an oil-based binding agent and comes out the back in a smooth coating of fresh blacktop.

“It’s all computerized so you get the right percentage of emulsion,” Mellon said. “It’s one continuous process. That’s where the name ‘Train’ comes from.”

After rolling, first with a steel and then a rubber-tire roller, pavement is allowed to sit for about 10…

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