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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. >> AT&T’s It Can Wait 3D virtual reality simulator visited the company’s store at the Wilton Square shopping center on Wednesday as part of the initiative, which is educating people about the dangers of using a phone while driving.

The virtual reality simulator shows the real dangers of driving and using a phone at the same time.

“It was humbling. I took it myself. Humbling to me to realize how easy it is to be distracted and how precious life is, and it really can wait,” said Richie Snyder, representing the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. “AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign is really a phenomenal way of reminding, educating and letting people know you that you have to put the phone down, you have to put your device down, so we are happy to partner with AT&T and we applaud them for this endeavor.”

The chamber partnered with AT&T to make the event happen in Saratoga County.


The It Can Wait initiative, which asks people to put their phones down when driving, began in 2010.

“As the proliferation of cell phones and uses of cell phones really mushroomed at around 2010, I think AT&T felt it was good timing in terms of showing the public safety aspects to texting while driving. It Can Wait kind of fits that bill. We’re happy to say that in a couple states where we’ve done some pretty comprehensive research that there has been a downtick in the number of texting while driving arrests from before the It Can Wait campaign started until after the campaign had its sea legs three or four years later,”…

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