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As time goes on, the headlines in our newspapers and TV get worse every day. Something is going on that is not good for most people.

Just to name a few of the reasons for bad headlines are drugs, shootings, major water problems and our entire infrastructure falling apart. The list goes on and son.

Oh, yes, I can’t leave out some of the new laws that allow the smoking of marijuana for recreational use. Have we gone nuts or what?

I guess the bottom line is if it brings a lot of tax money, it’s OK. The news has been so bad for so long that most people are not shocked by it anymore. What a shame for us. All of the bad stuff has almost brought our country down to its knees. We can’t let that go on like this.

All of the above is not the work of one man. It’s the work of lots of people — all no good. We need a big change in our leadership and need it now. We need smart, honest, wise people who will put the goodness of the United States of America first. This is what it will take to get us out of the mess we are in.

Sid Gordon

Saratoga Springs

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