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President Donald Trump in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday said upstate New York “just isn’t working” and that people who live in “upper New York” should move elsewhere.

The comments came as Trump told the Journal that major manufacturing announcements from companies like Apple were soon on the way. Those announcements would mean new jobs in states like Wisconsin, Trump said. 

But not in upstate New York, where Trump said “people are getting very badly hurt.” He said he planned to start explaining to people in upstate and other states that they should move to areas with increasing manufacturing jobs.

“You’re going to need people to work in these massive plants,” Trump told the Journal. “I’m going to start explaining to people: When you have an area that just isn’t working like upper New York state, where people are getting very badly hurt, and then you’ll have another area 500 miles away where you can’t get people, I’m going to explain, you can leave. It’s OK. Don’t worry about your house.”

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