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The following editorial appeared in The Washington Post:

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump turned his back on the thousands of transgender people currently serving in the military – and he did so with his characteristic dishonesty.

He claimed that he had consulted “with my Generals and military experts” before deciding that transgender individuals would not be allowed “to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military” – a reversal of the policy adopted by the Obama administration.

In fact, Trump appears to have made his decision hastily, interrupting an ongoing Pentagon review and taking key military and congressional players by surprise.

He asserted that allowing transgender personnel to serve would result in “tremendous medical costs and disruption” — though careful studies and the experience of other nations have shown just the opposite.

What the president no doubt did not consider is this:

How will his decision affect the thousands of patriotic Americans now serving, including in war zones, who happen to be transgender?

In addition to depriving them of the respect they deserve from their government, Trump puts them at risk.

To continue serving, transgender personnel will have to conceal their identities, which in turn will make them less likely to come forward with health concerns or reports of sexual assault.

Trump is essentially reinstating a shameful policy of silence and discrimination.

The decision disregarded the results of a year-long review conducted by the Obama administrationthat found the costs associated with accepting transgender troops…

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