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One of the very first steps that the president, the House, the Senate and the media need to do to expedite quality health care in the United States is to take the politics out of it.

Stop calling it Obamacare. Stop calling it Trumpcare. Start calling it American Affordable Health Care. Partisan titles result in partisan actions. We need a united, unbiased effort to provide affordable quality care to everyone.

Here’s a thought: Let’s take it totally out of the political arena. How about appointing a non-biased panel of individuals to examine the problem and offer a practical solution?

Here’s a suggestion for a panel: one person from the health insurance realm; three people from the medical profession (preferably at least one who actually practices medicine); and finally, five people from the private sector — all with taxable incomes under $250,000.

Give them the opportunity to view the current problems with our Affordable Health Care as it is. Then offer practical solutions that help resolve each of these problems with a solution that doesn’t line the pockets of the already-rich or jerk the rug out from under the uninsurable. And let’s get a commitment from the legislative bodies that they will consider these solutions without adding other bills or legislative actions to them that either dilute their impact or make them partisan.

We need to really think about health care in terms of what is good for the majority of Americans and stop thinking about it in terms of some political football.

There are lives at stake here and that is not being melodramatic. This is a solveable problem, but…

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