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Chances are that when the West Bathhouse at Jones Beach opened in 1931, most beachgoers had never tasted a truffled French fry or charred shishito pepper.

But if their descendants climb the stairs to the bathhouse’s second floor, they can find both at a cavernous new restaurant that opened there on Independence Day, The Landing at Jones Beach.

The eatery is part of the ambitious $16 million bathhouse renovation that began two years ago. Situated in what has long been called the Marine Dining Room, The Landing also takes in a full bar and two outdoor patios, and retains the Art Deco ambience of Robert Moses’ original design. (The builder’s office was once on the bathhouse’s second floor, too).

The restaurant is the third Landing, now a hat trick of eateries run by New York City-based food-service company and roastery COFFEED. The two sister locations are on Pier 45 in Manhattan and along Long Island City’s waterfront (LIC Landing).

“The Landing concept is of a family-friendly beer garden with good food and good music,” said Gene Sky, a COFFEED co-founder.

At the Landing at Jones Beach, chef Timothy J. Mahoney’s menu centers on crowd favorites such as those…

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