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Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood seem to be on another upswing. 

After releasing their eponymous first album in 2014, a record that was one of the fastest-selling rock albums, things got surreal.Dave Grohl, the former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters bassist, asked the duo to go on tour with his band. 

Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin and perhaps one of the band’s biggest inspirations) became a fan and was quoted in several news outlets declaring Royal Blood would take the genre to a new level. 

It’s high praise for the duo, especially after the release of only a single album. But there’s no doubt that the band’s sound speaks for itself. Kerr, the lead singer and bassist, and Thatcher’s intense (or insane) drumming, sounds more like a classic four-piece rock band. 

In 2015, they won the Brit Award for Best British Group as well as the NME award for Best Live Band. 

Since the release of their second album, “How Did We Get So Dark,” earlier this year, the band has been on tour throughout Europe and the United States. They’ll be coming to Upstate Concert Hall on Monday. But The Gazette caught up with Kerr in between gigs in Switzerland. 

Question: How did you and Ben meet?

Answer: We met, it was I guess 2006. I was 16 and we met at a college band night. This was when on the south coast of England. We’d always been in separate bands, but we ended up playing together a lot. Then we ended up being in a few different bands together. So I’ve been playing music with him for over 10 years. 

Q: From some of the other stories I’ve read about you guys, it sounds like you were both…

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