Todd Frazier's dilemma was how to respond to Bleacher Creatures roll call – New York News

Before Todd Frazier debuted at Yankee Stadium as a Yankee Tuesday night, he frantically polled the clubhouse for suggestions.

Not about what to expect or how to secure tickets for the family and friends driving up from Toms River, New Jersey. Nothing like that. Frazier was most concerned with how to respond when the Bleacher Creatures’ roll call reached him at third base.

“I was the most nervous for that,” he said afterward. “I was asking everybody what to do.”

As tradition goes, fans in the rightfield bleachers begin chanting the Yankees’ fielders names after the first pitch, moving sequentially from one position to the next. The players then acknowledge the fans — some more creatively than others — in between pitches.

Frazier ultimately settled on a mini-squat, angling his body so he could point out to the rightfield bleachers and pretend to shoot a pistol a la Shooter McGavin from Adam Sandler’s 1996 film “Happy Gilmore.”

“I just gave the Shooter thing,” he said. “A couple guys liked it, so I guess I’ve got to go with that from now on.”

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