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Two incidents over the past 24 hours have made glaringly obvious what has been hinted at for the past two years:

President Donald Trump and his loyalists potentially find the release of nearly any information about what they’re doing to be offensive, no matter how mundane.

Often this is couched in the use of the word “leaks.”

There are real leaks in the White House, and information has been provided to the news media that is unusually sensitive in nature.

There are also more anodyne leaks of the palace-intrigue variety. And then there are things that are called leaks but which aren’t.

Anthony Scaramucci has been in the West Wing for less than a week, assuming the role of communications director on Friday.

But he’s already made a place for himself in the history books with a remarkable phone-in interview Thursday morning on CNN, reaching out to the network’s “New Day” program to dispute claims made by an on-air guest.

He then stayed on the phone for half an hour, peppering CNN’s hosts with a number of remarkable comments.

Leaking was one of the main subjects, though, since Scaramucci on Wednesday night lashed out on Twitter after Politico published details from his personal financial disclosure.

This he dubbed a “leak” on Twitter, hinting that he believed White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was behind it. (The tweet has been deleted.)

He also tagged the FBI in the tweet, and Ryan Lizza – the New Yorker writer who was on “New Day” when Scaramucci called in – confirmed that Scaramucci’s intent was to launch a federal investigation that would look at any role Priebus…

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