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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that the new Tappan Zee Bridge will be paid for by Thruway toll revenue after 2020, the same year a toll freeze on the Thruway is set to expire. 

Cuomo’s comments came at a breakfast meeting of the Association for a Better New York after Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox asked him about financing for the $4 billion bridge project.

“It’s part of the Thruway Authority, all the tolls are frozen through 2020,” said Cuomo, according to several news outlets that were present at the meeting in New York City. “We have used cash to pay for part of the bridge over the past two years and the remainder after 2020 will be paid with toll revenue from the entire system.”

The news may inflame a perennial gripe from upstate New Yorkers who believe they already pay too much for infrastructure and services that are primarily used by those living in New York City and the surrounding region. 

A Thruway Authority spokeswoman said Thruway cash customers currently pay 4.7 cents per mile, while E-ZPass customers pay 4.47 cents per mile. The spokeswoman said there’s no indication if or by how much tolls will increase after 2020.

It’s also unclear how much of the $4 billion project will have been paid off by 2020, or how much funding for the project is expected to come out of toll revenue. Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said Thursday evening that he did not have specific figures for the bridge funding plan. 

That uncertainty, and the plan itself, has local lawmakers along the I-90 corridor fuming that their constituents will be footing part of the bill for another piece of…

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