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Mark Chiusano

Mark Chiusano is a member of the Newsday and amNew York editorial board.

There were different ways to support President Donald Trump on display outside Suffolk Community College in Brentwood on Friday afternoon.

About 25 of the president’s supporters had gathered opposite a much larger anti-Trump protest at an entrance to the college. The speech itself was closed to the public, so the parking lot was the best shot for most people to have their voice heard.

In a community victimized by  MS-13 gang violence, immigration was the topic of the day. Trump supporter Joe Wellcome, 64, wished the government would expand guest worker programs for non-professionals like landscape workers, just so long as the government knew who was coming into the country.

Then there was a man who only gave his name as Mike, who used language White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci might approve of while yelling at the other side. His more printable phrases included “take a picture and I’ll knock you out,” “you all sound like a bunch of women,” and “rise up get your head pounded in.”

In a brief interview he said, “I’m gonna tell you one thing….

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