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My husband and I have spent the past seven months renovating a vacant house, and we’re finally moving into it this weekend. 

To say my thoughts have been dominated by this house – and all the work involved in making it habitable again – is an understatement. 

So it was a bit jarring to hear the president of the United States suggest that maybe houses don’t deserve all that much consideration, after all. 

“Don’t worry about your house,” President Donald Trump said, in comments to the Wall Street Journal encouraging residents of upstate New York to move to places where job prospects are better. 

Don’t worry about your house? 

This falls into the category of advice I’d love to take, but know is ill-advised. 

Trust me, I’d love not to worry about my house. 

But it’s the biggest investment I’ve ever made in my life, and I don’t have that luxury. Nor do most Americans. 

In fact, sometimes people email to tell me that they would pick up and move – if only they could sell their homes without taking a major financial hit. Maybe it’s easy to walk away from a house if you’re a billionaire. Most people aren’t billionaires, though. 

Trump’s remarks are easy to mock – where, exactly, is this “upper New York State” he referred to? – but they got a huge reaction, and there’s a reason why. 

In his clumsy way, the president tapped into something that’s a real concern, especially if you live upstate – the steady loss of manufacturing jobs, and subsequent population decline. I saw more than one person remark that Trump’s remarks made sense – that people should relocate to communities with better…

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